Ultra Mount Jersey display hanger the affordable alternative to jersey frames

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What is the Ultra Mount Jersey Display?

The Ultra Mount Jersey Display Hanger is an attractive and affordable alternative to frames and display cases costing hundreds of dollars. It is a precision machined all aluminum hanging device that attaches to any wall.  The Ultra Mount Jersey Display works for all types of sports jerseys without taking away from the jersey.  Many times it is virtually invisible.   The patent pending design makes installation easy allowing you to hang your sports jersey in just minutes. The natural fall of the jersey on the hanger guarantees there will be no damage from stitches or adhesives often used when framing.

 Show off your favorite team jersey(s) or use it in your child’s bedroom to display their soccer, baseball, basketball, football, hockey or other sports jersey. Great for basements, game rooms, offices, garages, dens, restaurants, and so much more! Best of all if you want to wear your jersey it can be removed in seconds.

Top 5 Reasons and Ultra Mount is better than a jersey frame

  1. The Ultra Mount Jersey Display cost at least 50% less than jersey frames!
  2. Jersey frames cost at least $25 per frame to ship!  The Ultra Mount costs less than $6 each to ship.
  3. Jersey frames are big, bulky and not easily moved
  4. The Ultra Mount is easier to install vs a jersey frame
  5. Jersey frames do not allow you to easily remove or change out jersey