Ultra Mount II

Ultra Mount II – Mounting Instructions for Displaying in a Case

  1. Locate where in the case you would like the mounting base to be located.
  2. In that location hold the mounting base to the back of the case make two marks on the case through holes (hold mount as level as possible).
  3. Remove mounting base and drill holes on spots marked. Use a 1/8 size drill bit.
  4. Insert cross bar into mounting base.  Place mounting base and cross bar in the case (where holes have been drilled) and secure mounting base from the back of the frame using included machine screws.  Do not over tighten.
  5. Place jersey on cross bar. Center jersey and cross bar.
  6. Once the cross bar is centered tighten set screw on the front of the mounting base to keep cross bar from shifting back and forth.
  7. Place cap on base.  If loose use a little white glue to secure.