Walls of Fame
Here’s something for the avid collector, or even the ambitious parents of sports-playing kids. The Ultra Mount Jersey Display System, (www.ultramountdisplays.com), is an easy and affordable way to display souvenir jerseys. Instead of shelling out hundreds of dollars for a glass case, hang your Joe Montana, Cal Ripkin or Michael Jordan jersey on the wall with an Ultra Mount. It installs in minutes, looks professional and, at only around $30, leaves you plenty of cash to bid on that Gretzky sweater your wife said you couldn’t afford.

Made of lightweight aluminum, the hanger is attractive and, for those with children in the house, much safer than glass cases. You may even consider adorning the kids’ rooms with sports uniforms they’ve worn for a unique and interesting decorating twist.

So now there’s no excuse not to turn your den into a replica of your favorite college sports bar. And since that’s where you probably proposed to your wife during halftime of the big game, she might even think of you as more a sentimental romantic than a rabid fan.

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