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Ultra Mount II In Customer Case

It was SO easy to use and put together, as a girl not knowing how to do any of this or how it was going to look (I was skeptical). I AM thrilled of how it all turned out it looks *BETTER* than I had ever imagined it would. It was a *PERFECT* fit, the length of it and the width (roundness of the bar) fit PERFECTLY.

Even though I had worked on this ultimate surprise for him for Christmas expecting “man” tears, and wrestling this thing to wrap it (which was hilarious). Only for him to be completely floored and shocked  in total disbelief.. There were NO damned tears.. lol..

SO I HAVE MADE THIS MY LIFE’S MISSION TO GET THOSE “MAN” TEARS..  He however LOVES it, hell I love the way it looks and I thank you Mr. Ultramount in helping me with all of this!   Holly – North Carolina

Have a program installed now but it keeps looping the messages it is downloading and killing the battery on the phone