Ultra Mount Jersey display hanger the affordable alternative to jersey frames

Everything is included, and installation is completed in a few simple steps.
How it Works

Installing the Ultra Mount™ Jersey Display Hanger

Installation of the Ultra Mount™ Jersey Display Hanger is simple and takes just a couple of minutes. Each of our products come with everything you need to mount, in standard wall applications, no additional hardware required.

With each of our products we provide simple to follow mounting instructions. Below are instructions along with pictures and additional tips.

Package Contents:

• Aluminum Cross Bar
• Aluminum Cap
• Aluminum Mount
• End caps
• 2 Screws and 2 Anchors
• Optional – Rounded Shoulder Attachment ($3.99 per set)

Mounting Instructions:

1) Determine place to display jersey.
2) Remove one of the plastic end caps from cross bar
3) Place mounting base with cross bar on wall in a level position. While holding the base in place remove cross bar and mark holes on the wall.
4) Drill holes on spots marked using 3/16 size drill bit.
5) Insert wall anchors. Use screws to attach base.
6) Slide cross bar through base. Replace end cap.
7) Hang jersey. Place aluminum cap on base.

* To enhance the look of basketball jerseys place 1/8 inch diameter wooden dowel, cut to length just under arm holes.

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