About Ultra Mount™ Jersey Displays

Ultra Mount™ Jersey Displays started in 2005 when I was searching for an affordable way to display a basketball jersey from my Alma matter.  I searched high and low for something to display my jersey, but only found expensive jersey frames and cases.  I didn’t want to spend $200 displaying a $50 basketball jersey.  At that point, I decided to take it upon myself to come up with a solution.  After a year or trial and error, the Ultra Mount™ Sports Jersey Display Hanger was complete.  The high quality product we offer is made entirely of aluminum.  Installation is a few easy steps allowing you to display your jersey in just minutes.  Best of all is its affordability.  Instead of paying $200 to display one jersey you can now display several jerseys.

We continually look for ways to enhance the product and in 2010 we introduced an optional rounded shoulder attachment.  Based on your personal preference this option may be an attractive alternative.  If you have any ideas, comments or suggestions please let us know.  We value your feedback.

Years have passed and sales have grown.  Customer feedback has been great and really drives us to provide the best products and services.  Some of our more notable customers include: The Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame, St. Louis Cardinals, Detroit Redwings, Chicago White Sox, University of Arkansas and Tulane University to name a few.

Every Ultra Mount™ Jersey Display Hanger is made to the highest quality standard.  I personally have twenty-five sports jerseys that I rotate on eighteen (I would have more but I ran out of space) Ultra Mounts based on the season in my man cave.

If you are looking for a way to hang your prized sports jersey you will not be disappointed with the Ultra Mount” Jersey Display Hanger, we guarantee it!

You can always email me directly with any questions or comments.

Jon Wilmot

Owner, Ultra Mount™ Jersey Displays

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